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  • Classes

    Our regular artisan ceramic classes, suitable for all levels, from beginners, you will learn various techniques.

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  • Bizcochito

    The Bizcochito experience is for anyone looking to decorate and paint a piece of artisan ceramics while enjoying appetizers and drinks.

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  • Workshops

    The ceramic workshops are an intensive proposal where you can make up to 3 pieces, suitable for all levels.

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About Us

At Polen Studio we focus on the investigation and artistic exploration of artisan ceramics.

We focus on the exploration of materials, production of artisan pieces and creative art direction of projects.

We are a team of artists and professionals committed to our work.

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Polen Membership

We are excited to introduce you to our exclusive Welcome Membership, designed especially for those who are passionate about ceramics.

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Design Projects

We design kitchenware concepts based on the identity of each restaurant, bar or cafeteria from modeling to the color proposal. We have been producing these concepts for both local and international businesses.

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