At Polen Studio we focus on the investigation and artistic exploration of ceramics.

The Studio

Our objective is to revalue and share our practice based on research on pre-Columbian themes and local techniques still reproduced in our country. Some activities that accompany this search take place through an educational program in our space and exchanges with artisan communities in other regions.

All these processes nourish our production of pieces in the studio, bringing to the contemporary lines of functional design that is inspired by culture and nature in Peru.

What are we inspired by?

Our ideas arise from our connection with nature and the elements that inhabit it. And from there comes our need to collect materials from different places.

Likewise, we are nourished by our great cultural diversity represented by our ancestral past and continuous local production.

Our Processes

  • 1. Materials Research

    We explore with local materials to create our own high and low temperature glazes from some natural resources such as carob ash, algae ash, adobe, local oxides found, etc.

  • 2. Production

    We build objects in an artisan way: unique and serial pieces; from local techniques to serial pieces from the use of the lathe and molds.

  • 3. Art Direction

    We believe that the concept of our collections is an essential part of our design proposal and that they go hand in hand with our axes of motivation and inspiration.

The Team

  • Elizabeth Vasquez

    CEO of Polen Ceramic Studio
    Designer & Teacher

  • Alonso Barreda

    Design assistant

  • Valentina Diaz

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Luis Lopez


  • Luis F. López Torres


  • Miguel Vila

    Master Turner and Molds

The photographs on this website were taken by: Hilda Melissa Holguin, Hector Delgado, Giuseppe Falla, Valeria Rodriguez and Elizabeth Vásquez Arbulú.
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