At Polen Studio we want to make sure that all your doubts are resolved so that your purchase is pleasant. Below you will answer questions that we are always asked.

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Are the products microwave and dishwasher safe?

Yes, you can microwave. Our pieces have been fired at high temperatures, so you won't find any problems in the microwave. You can also use a dishwasher, however, we always recommend care by hand, using the soft part of the sponge.

How to take care of my product?

Thermal shock is the cause of many cracks, so we recommend that your piece not go from one temperature to another suddenly. Usually this happens when it goes from the refrigerator directly to the microwave oven or the oven itself.

Do you have a physical store?

Yes, find our store in the same studio. We have a store area, and another POP UP area, with invited brands that vary each month. Both are open during the same office hours as the studio: M-V (10-19hrs) Sat-Sun (11-19hrs). You do not need to book in advance.

Do you ship to the province / or outside the country?

Yes, we accept exchanges. For more information, please review our exchange and/or return policy here. *Must communicate within the first 24 hours of shipment*

We accept returns?

Yes, we accept returns. For more information, please review our change and/or return policy. *You must contact within the first 24 hours of shipment*

What do I do if I received a defective order or a product that I did not order?

If an exchange is necessary for a defective product or because you received a product that you did not request, this can be done within the first 5 business days from receipt of the order.

It is important that the product is in the same condition in which it was delivered, with no signs of use or washing.

In that case, you have to call or write to +51 926 743 450 indicating the order number, customer data, detail of the defect or claim. If the product is not in these conditions, it will be returned to the customer and the change cannot be made. Shipping costs will be borne by us.

Do you do custom orders/develop tableware?

We design kitchenware concepts based on the identity of each restaurant, bar or cafeteria from modeling to the color proposal. We have been producing these concepts for both local and international businesses. If you want to make a custom order, first schedule an appointment with us by calling +51 926 743 450.

Do you do wholesale?

Being an artisan production studio, our production scale is not on a large scale. However, we handle wholesale prices starting at 3 dozen. For a more detailed quote write to Indicates the model chosen from our store and the quantities to be serialized.

What is the minimum order?

To carry out a personalized production, the minimum to be serialized will be 3 dozen.

Can I transfer the quota of a course?

No, the spots are not transferable, cancelable, reschedulable or refundable. As they are limited spaces per session, each time a reservation is made, another person automatically loses the opportunity to enter that quota, therefore it is not possible. However, you can ask for the extra cost of freezing or for the Polen Membership

What is the Freezing modality?

It is the modality of quota freezing. You can reserve your place up to 15 business days after the initially scheduled date. You can only access this modality having notified up to 2 days before the start of your class. The cost of freezing has a value of:

Regular program 150 soles
Workshop express 85 soles
Bizcochito 35 soles

Until when can I reserve a course?

We suggest that it be up to two days before. With luck, you can find places available a day before or even the same day, but it is not usual. So if you want to reserve that special day for you and someone else, check availability in advance. Our calendar is always published at the beginning of the month.

How many pieces are made per class?

It is important to understand that classes are a learning process, so the process takes precedence over the number of pieces. However, ideally there is an average number of pieces that can be achieved per program.

Regular Program: In the first month of basic education, up to 4 types of pieces can be achieved. From the second month, the number of pieces is relative to the projects and learning processes that the student takes.

Workshop Express: This is a short duration program so you can achieve
up to two pieces per student.

Bizcochito: This is a very short program so there is one piece per session. You can also access an additional piece,

Am I free to do what I want in class?

We understand that you may have certain expectations, but in the classes for beginners we follow certain guidelines to reach the proposed objectives, so that you can end up with quality pieces. In any case, the exercises correspond to shapes that you can customize such as vases, glasses, plates, bowls, etc. From the second month, the students work with an inspiration guide, which helps them to have other types of objectives unlike the first month.

Do they burn third parties?

No, we only bake our students' pieces produced in classes, custom orders and our collections.

From when can I do lathe?

In the first month, you will develop basic construction techniques by hand, which will allow you to better understand the material and its phases. So from the second month, you can choose to learn and specialize in lathe or choose the mixed technique route and experiment with more sculptural forms.

What materials will I use in class?

All programs use low and high temperature clay. As well as high and low temperature enamels formulated from the studio. The tools provided for the classes are owned by the studio.

When can I pick up my piece made in class?

You can pick up your pieces after 10 to 15 business days after the date of class or last class. Pick up dates are weekends from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. We suggest you send the photos of your pieces previously to WhatsApp +51 924 254 483 , to deliver them packed ☺️.

What is the difference between Workshop and Bizcochito?

The workshop is a 3-hour session in which you can create a piece from scratch and engobar (paint) it, while Bizcochito is a 45-minute session in which you paint a ceramic piece in a 'biscuit' state ( ceramic phase in which the piece has already been previously fired).

Where are we located?

We are in a beautiful house in Barranquina, one block from the UTEC and behind the MAC. we leave you the address here:
Delucchi 205 , Ravine.

What are the promotions in courses?

Our promotions are perfect for sharing. That is, we have promotions for couples, best friends and family. You just have to contact us at this number +51 924 254 483, to request your promotion.

Do you have workshops every month?

Yes, we have all three programs open every month: Regular Program, Workshop Express and Bizcochito. We recommend that you see our agenda on social networks or check the schedules on this website ☺️.

Do you have workshops every day?

No, the other days that we don't give workshops, we are producing new pieces for you and dedicating ourselves to personalized orders. For this reason, we recommend that you see our agenda in advance and book in advance.

Do you have courses for children?

The group of students per class is mixed. People of different ages enroll. However, the classes are aimed at people over 10 years of age.